Learn the GameMaker Core Concepts and Create a multilevel Maze Games with Score, Health and Intelligent Monsters


The “Learn the GameMaker Core Concepts and Create a Multilevel Maze Game” course is designed to teach students how to develop games using GameMaker Studio. The curriculum covers the creation of game characters, programming character movements, and understanding key concepts such as sprites, objects, and rooms. Students will learn to differentiate between events and actions, use fixed movement and keyboard events for character control, and implement the Step Event for in-game queries.

The course also includes practical tasks like creating wall objects, programming collisions, organizing sprites and objects, and configuring parent-child relationships. Students will develop health functionalities, health bar displays, and create multiple game rooms with conditions for transitioning between them. Advanced topics include using nested if statements, creating variations of monsters and gems, and animating movements and explosions.

Requirements for the course are a Windows computer or a virtual Windows app on a Mac, and GameMaker Studio 1.4 or 2.0. The course, led by veteran teachers Nat and Sanjin, is ideal for beginners eager to learn game development and the core functionality of GameMaker. It is not suited for experienced programmers with over 2000 hours of programming experience.


What You’ll Learn

  • Students can create a new game with GameMaker Studio
  • Students can create a Character for their game
  • Students program their Character to move
  • Students can explain the difference between a Sprite, Object and Room in GameMaker
  • Students can explain the difference between an Event and an Action in GameMaker
  • Students can explain how Fixed Movement, Keyboard Events and the No Key Event are used together to create Maze Game Character movement in GameMaker
  • Students can explain how the Step Event works and how it can be used to ask Questions from the game.
  • Student can create a Wall Object for their game
  • Students program a Character to be constrained by Wall Objects
  • Students can explain how Collisions work in GameMaker
  • Students use questions and (if-else) statements to ensure alignment in positioning
  • Students will configure parent-child relationships between objects
  • Students create groups for your sprites and objects to organise them
  • Students create health functionality and health bar displays in a Game Maker room
  • Students create multiple GameMaker rooms and the conditions which make the hero move from one room to another
  • Students use nested If Statements to test or create more advanced decision making
  • Students use Parent Child Relationships in the creation of many variations of monsters and gems
  • Students use sequences of sprite to create animations for movement and explosions



  • Students need to have a Windows computer or a virtual Windows app running on a Mac
  • Students need to install GameMaker Studio 1.4 or 2.0


Have you ever wondered about how to build computer games and not known where to start? GameMaker is an easy to use games development platform which streamlines the production of games. This means that all the common events in games like health, score, collisions, animations, levels, gravity etc.. are very easy to implement!

In this course you will learn how to construct a multi level maze game with randomised gem behaviour, animated sprites, intelligent monsters and cool explosions. The course is created by two veteran classroom teachers one of whom is a GameMaker expert (Nat) and the other(Sanjin) is an experienced programmer learning GameMaker for the first time. So this means that all the core concepts are covered multiple times, all the common mistakes are explained and demonstrated before they happen and the students have a clear idea of the benchmarks which demonstrate understanding.


Who this course is for

  • This course is for anyone who is keen to get started with programming
  • This course is anyone would like to learn how games work and how to make them
  • This course is for anyone who would like to learn the core functionality of GameMaker
  • This course IS NOT for experienced programmers (2000 hours+)


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