Learn the 5 key principles and become a better investor in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF, real estate, and more!


The course “Learn the 5 Key Principles and Become a Better Investor” is designed to guide both novice and experienced investors towards long-term investment success across various asset classes such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and real estate. The course is structured to help investors understand and practically apply five essential investing principles. No prior skills or specialized knowledge are required, just a willingness to learn and implement the material.

Key Learning Points

  1. Start Investing Early: The course emphasizes the importance of beginning your investment journey as soon as possible. Even if you start later, the power of compound interest can still significantly grow your investments over time.
  2. It’s Never Too Late to Invest: The course encourages those who feel they have missed the boat to start investing. Calculations and demonstrations show how investments can grow regardless of when you begin.
  3. Determine the Right Amount to Invest: Personalized investment amounts are discussed, ensuring that individuals invest what is right for them based on their financial situation and goals.
  4. Understanding Risk and Reward: The course delves into the balance between risk and reward. It explains how taking on too much risk can be uncomfortable, while too little risk can lead to missed opportunities. Finding a balance is crucial for successful investing.
  5. Impact of Fear and Greed: The emotional aspects of investing, particularly fear and greed, are explored. The course explains how fear can lead to poor decision-making and market downturns, while greed can result in market bubbles and irrational behavior.

Course Structure

The course comprises eight lectures divided into two main sections, with a total duration of approximately 50 minutes. The lectures include:

  1. Course Introduction (2:35) – A brief overview of the course and the five key concepts.
  2. Importance of Starting Early (8:51) – Demonstrations of how money grows over time.
  3. Determining the Right Amount to Invest (7:09) – Guidance on finding the appropriate investment amount for individual circumstances.
  4. Risk and Reward Tradeoff (9:50) – Detailed discussion on balancing risk and reward.
  5. Impact of Fear on Markets (10:33) – Analysis of how fear influences market behavior and personal investment decisions.
  6. Impact of Greed on Markets (6:33) – Examination of greed’s role in creating market bubbles.
  7. Action Steps to Start Investing (3:16) – Four actionable steps to begin investing immediately.
  8. Bonus Content (1:49) – Additional offers and encouragement to continue learning.

Target Audience

The course is ideal for beginner or newer investors seeking foundational knowledge and principles to guide their investment strategies. It also serves as a valuable refresher for experienced investors who may need a reminder of these core concepts. However, it is not recommended for highly experienced investors who are already well-versed in these principles.

Special Features

The course offers a unique perspective from Steve Ballinger, a long-term successful investor and top-rated Udemy instructor. Additionally, it includes special offers on other advanced courses like the “Investing Success: Learn Keys from a Millionaire Investor” course, enhancing the overall value for participants.

Overall, this course aims to ground investors in essential principles, helping them make informed decisions and achieve long-term success in their investment endeavors.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand and apply the 5 key investing concepts.
  • Practically apply and use these concepts in their own investing journey.



  • No skills or special knowledge is required to take the course other than an openness to receiving and applying the material.


There are 5 key investing principles that beginning investors must know and experienced investors need to always keep in mind in order to enjoy long-term investing success. 

Unfortunately, investors can get caught up in the details of investing or be intimidated from some investments that they lose sight of these core principles.


In this course you will learn:

  • The benefits of starting investing as soon as you can.
  • Understand that its not too late to invest.
  • Calculating what is the right amount to invest for you.
  • Learn the trade-off between Risk and Reward.
  • Learn how FEAR can impact the markets overall and ourselves as well.
  • Learn how GREED can impact the markets overall and ourselves as well.
  • 4 Action-Steps to get started.

You learn everything in about 45 minutes from a long-term successful investor and top Udemy instructor.

Course includes SPECIAL OFFERS on other courses such as the top rated,13.5 hour, INVESTING SUCCESS: LEARN KEYS FROM A MILLIONAIRE INVESTOR course.

“I know that I go back to these basic concepts all the time and it really grounds me to make better investing decisions plus gives me hope as a long-term investor and my hope is this course will help you in the same way”


Steve Ballinger


Who this course is for

  • Perfect and excellent course for the beginner or newer investor.
  • Great course for some experienced investors who would like a refresher on these principles from a long-term and successful investor.
  • Course is not recommended for an experienced investor who really understands and applies these concepts. Please see the lesson descriptions to see if right for you.

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