Hire nobody! Pre-Rendered 3d animation require no art skills, and this is a solid pipeline to produce more in less time.


This free Udemy course on creating 2D character animations using Cinema 4D provides a streamlined approach for game developers and graphic artists to produce high-quality animations without requiring extensive artistic skills. The course focuses on pre-rendered 3D animation techniques, ideal for developing retro-style game characters quickly and cost-effectively.

Key learning outcomes include identifying and acquiring 3D models and animations, using Cinema 4D to integrate external 3D characters and motion capture animations, and setting up animations on a timeline for Sprite Sheet production. The course also covers camera setups for various 2D game genres, configuring rendering settings to meet game graphic requirements, and arranging sprite sheets for easy integration into 2D game engines.

Participants need basic knowledge of Cinema 4D and Aseprite software. The course is not about character design or modeling but focuses on the efficient production of pre-rendered animation assets. It’s aimed at 2D game developers looking to create their own animations affordably and graphic artists interested in selling game assets for passive income. The course promises to enhance asset production efficiency, making it a valuable resource for anyone involved in 2D game development or asset creation.

What You’ll Learn

  • Identify available artistic sources and acquire 3D models and animations based on cost and quality
  • Use Cinema 4D as a bridge between external libraries of 3D characters and motion capture animations.
  • Set animations in the timeline and proper time-scale animations for Sprite Sheet purposes.
  • Camera setup for 2D video games: Platformers, Beat ’em ups, Fighting Games and any Top-Down genre.
  • Configure the rendering according to your Video Gamegraphic requirements
  • Arrange and pack Sprite Sheets in fully functional animation sets ready to plug in 2d Game Engines.



  • Cinema 4D installed
  • Cinema 4D fundamental knowledge
  • Aseprite installed
  • Aseprite fundamental knowledge
  • You do NOT need artistic skills.


Welcome to this Udemy course on how to make your own 2D Character Animations in Cinema 4D!

In this comprehensive course, I’ll walk you through every step necessary to create top-notch Pre-Rendered Animation Sprite Sheets that are perfect for your own games or ready to be sold on popular video game asset markets.

Whether you’re looking to generate passive income or reduce expenses during the development of a 2D video game, this lecture is dedicated to sharing an optimal and robust production pipeline that will save you time and money while giving your project’s asset production a significant boost.

Pre-Rendered 3D style is what we will focus on, just like the old days, pure retro-looking game characters for whatever purpose you have in mind, whether you are making the next big title or just creating a proof of conceptmock-up, practicing, studying, or even participating in a game jam. You will have the tools to create as much as you need in way less time than you expect by embracing the Pre-Rendered look.

The auto-rigging technique is limited to biped characters, but if you cover your character’s rigging by yourself, the rest of the lecture still benefits you.

This course provides you with the essential knowledge and skills to produce complete 2D character animation packs efficiently.

Join, and unlock the potential of pre-rendered animations and enhance your game assets creation skills!

Who this course is for:

  • 2D Game Developers interested in creating their own 2D Character Animations and saving on budget.
  • Graphic Artists interested in selling graphic assets for video games and generating passive income.
  • This is not a course on character design, modeling, or animation. It is focused on the production of on-demand assets.

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