Use introspection, goal setting, coaching, and mentorship to develop your and your employees’ careers


This course is designed for managers aiming to develop their own careers and those of their employees through introspection, goal setting, coaching, and mentorship. It emphasizes the importance of discussing career development to retain employees and provides a structured three-step method to facilitate these conversations.

Participants will learn to identify their career values by reflecting on peak experiences, set career goals using the GROW model, and use coaching techniques to help employees do the same. The course also highlights the significance of mentorship, both in seeking a mentor for personal growth and mentoring employees to support their career advancement.

No prior knowledge is required, but the course is particularly beneficial for managers with direct reports and a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience. Through self-reflection and goal setting, managers can empathize with their employees and effectively guide them.

The course comprises 17 lectures across six sections, including activities like mapping your career and identifying peak experiences. It also covers the evolution of career development, types of career moves, active listening, and transitioning from manager to mentor. By the end of the course, managers will be equipped with tools to foster a positive and engaging career path for themselves and their employees.

What You’ll Learn

  • Use introspection, goal setting, and mentorship activities to help you develop your employees’ careers
  • Develop your own career through introspection, goal setting, and mentorship
  • Identify your career values through reflection on your peak experiences in your career
  • Set career goals for yourself using the GROW model
  • Use coaching to help your employees identify their career values and set career goals
  • Identify a mentor to help you achieve your career goals
  • Mentor your employees to help them achieve their career goals



  • There are no prerequisite knowledge or materials required for this course.
  • This course is geared towards managers, so having one or more direct reports that you manage is recommended to get the most out of this course.
  • Having a minimum of 2-3 years of work experience will be beneficial, but is not required.


Navigating your career can be tough, and helping your employees navigate their careers can be even tougher. However, employees are much more likely to leave their jobs if not given an opportunity to talk about their careers, so as a manager it’s imperative that you learn how to do this. In this course, you will learn a three step method for talking to your employees about their career development, involving introspection, goal setting, and mentorship. You will also learn how to use coaching and mentorship to guide your employees and colleagues through the activities from the course to help them develop their careers.

This course is designed for people managers who have one or more direct reports, to help you learn how to coach and mentor your employees through conversations about their career, identify their values, and set goals. To do this, you will first reflect on your own values, set your career goals, and identify a mentor to help you achieve those goals. By completing these activities for yourself first, you will build empathy with your employees and be better prepared to coach them through the activities.

We’ll start the course by talking about career development today, how the idea of career development has changed over time, and types of career moves. Next, we’ll go into introspection, where you’ll complete an activity called Peak Experiences to reflect on the times in your career when you felt most engaged and identify career values. From there, we’ll work through a goal setting method called GROW to set career goals that align with your values and peak experiences. Finally, we’ll talk about mentorship, why it’s important to helping you achieve your goals, and how you can identify a mentor for yourself and act as a mentor for your employees.

By taking this course you are taking a meaningful step in navigating your career in a positive direction that engages you and makes you feel excited about your work. The tools and methods for reflecting on your career that are presented in this course will be useful to you for a long time, and are meant to be revisited continuously as you grow and develop your career.  So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Who this course is for

  • This course is for people managers who manage one or more direct reports and want to help their employees grow and develop their careers.
  • This course is also for experienced professionals and managers who want to learn tools and resources they can use to grow and develop their own careers.
  • This course is not for people who do not manage people directly.

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