Learn how to create game effects with the famous Shuriken Particle System on Unity 3D.


The Shuriken Particle System in Unity 3D is a powerful tool for creating dynamic and visually appealing game effects. This course is designed to teach beginners and Unity 3D game developers the basics of working with this particle system, enabling them to enhance their game development projects with a variety of particle effects.

What You’ll Learn

Basics of Game Particles: The course starts with an introduction to game particles, explaining their significance and how they can be used to enhance visual effects in games. Students will learn fundamental concepts that form the foundation of particle systems in game development.

Understanding the Shuriken Particle System: The Shuriken Particle System is a feature in Unity 3D that allows developers to create complex particle effects. This course covers how to utilize Shuriken, detailing its interface and functionality.

Creating Projects with Shuriken: The course includes practical projects where students apply what they’ve learned by creating various particle effects. These hands-on projects help solidify the concepts and techniques discussed in the lectures.


The only requirement for this course is a free version of Unity 3D, specifically version 4.x. No prior experience with particle systems or Unity 3D is necessary, making this course accessible to beginners.

Course Description

The primary goal of this course is to enable students to create impressive particle effects using Unity 3D’s Shuriken Particle System. By the end of the course, students will be able to send rockets blazing into space, create realistic muzzle blast shooting effects, and design particle emitters, among other effects.

The course content is divided into three main sections with a total of 10 lectures, spanning 1 hour and 23 minutes. Each lecture is designed to build upon the previous one, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the Shuriken Particle System.

Course Content Breakdown

  1. Introduction (00:35): A brief introduction to the Shuriken Particle System, setting the stage for what students can expect to learn.
  2. Sprites, Voxels, and Textures (17:19): This lecture delves into the basics of sprites, voxels, and textures. Students learn how these elements are used within particle systems to create detailed and visually appealing effects.
  3. Creating an Emitter (10:07): An emitter is a fundamental component of any particle system. This lecture covers how to create and configure emitters in Unity 3D.
  4. Working with Modules (10:47): Modules are essential for customizing particle behaviors. This lecture teaches students how to work with various modules to achieve desired effects.
  5. Creating Jet Fire (14:54): A practical lesson on creating jet fire effects, demonstrating how to combine different elements to produce a cohesive and realistic particle effect.
  6. Creating Smoke Plumes (10:43): Smoke plumes are a common particle effect in games. This lecture shows how to create and fine-tune smoke plumes for maximum realism.
  7. Muzzle Flashes (06:46): Muzzle flashes are crucial for shooting effects. Students learn how to create these flashes, enhancing the visual impact of firearms in games.
  8. Bringing It All Together (11:59): This lecture ties together all the concepts and techniques covered in the previous lectures, demonstrating how to create a complex particle system by combining various effects.
  9. Conclusion (00:13): A brief conclusion, thanking students for taking the course and encouraging them to apply what they’ve learned in their game development projects.
  10. Bonus Lecture (00:13): An additional lecture providing extra insights or advanced tips related to particle systems in Unity 3D.

Who This Course is For

The course is aimed at beginning game developers and Unity 3D game developers who want to enhance their skills in creating particle effects. Whether you’re new to game development or have some experience with Unity 3D, this course provides valuable knowledge and practical skills to improve your game projects.

What You’ll Learn

  • To learn the basics of game particles
  • To understand the Shuriken particle system
  • To create several projects that use the Shuriken particle system



  • Free version of Unity 3D


Create awesome particle effects with Unity 3Ds Shuriken Particle system. Send rockets blazing into space, create muzzle blast shooting effects, create particle emitters and much more.

This course seeks to teach students how to work with the Shuriken Particle System in Game development. The lectures include working with textures and voxels, emitters, modules, smoke plumes and muzzle flashes; all of which are crucial to the success of any game development projects.

* This course teaches Unity version 4.x


Who this course is for

  • Beginning game developers
  • Unity 3D game developers

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