This course contains the quick explanation of technical topics required to clear the AWS Technical Certifications exam.


This course offers a comprehensive overview of technical topics crucial for achieving success in AWS Technical Certifications exams. Delving into both theoretical understanding and practical application, students will grasp the essentials of AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate certification. Emphasizing automation, learners will master resource creation within the AWS Cloud environment, streamlining processes for efficiency.

From designing and implementing network infrastructure to effectively managing existing setups, participants will gain invaluable insights. While prerequisites are minimal, a basic understanding of networking is recommended, ensuring all students can engage effectively with the material.

Cloud computing stands as a cornerstone of modern business operations, driving the need for proficient skills in navigating cloud environments. With organizations increasingly migrating applications and designing IT architectures around cloud principles, this course bridges the gap for beginners, elucidating cloud-related concepts and technologies.

Navigating through the complexities of IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and cloud deployment models like private, public, and hybrid, participants will gain clarity on the rationale behind cloud adoption. Additionally, emerging technologies such as SDN and SD-WAN are explored, offering practical insights into their integration with cloud solutions.

Ultimately, this course serves as a foundational stepping stone for those seeking to understand the synergy between cloud computing and SD-WAN technology. With a focus on Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools, students will be equipped not only to navigate modern networks but also to excel in AWS certifications, enhancing their value in today’s digital landscape. Whether technical or non-technical, this course caters to anyone keen on mastering AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate certification.


What You’ll Learn

  • The Students will learn about AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate at Theoretical and Practical Level
  • This course will help students to use the Automation to create the resources on AWS Cloud
  • The students will know about designing and creating the Network Infrastructure on AWS
  • This course will help students to learn about how to manage their existing Network Infrastructure



  • The prerequisite for this course is very basic Knowledge of Networking.


Cloud computing has become an essential platform for modern businesses, so everyone wants to know and learn more about cloud computing. Organizations moving their applications to the cloud and designing new IT architecture with the cloud in mind.

But for beginners, there is a lot of confusion in understanding the cloud and cloud-related terms i.e. What is IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, What is private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud, and why are organizations moving to the cloud when they already invested a huge amount of money in their current infrastructure and how the overall cloud solutions work.

And there are other emerging technologies also, like SDN and SD-WAN which are now deployed with the cloud,  We will talk about the practical aspect of all these technologies and will understand how these different components fit together in cloud computing. We will talk about Infrastructure as a code tool that is very common to deploy the cloud infrastructure in modern networks.

This course will be a foundation stone for you if you want to learn how the cloud works with SD-WAN technology and how cloud resources are provisioned using Infrastructure as a code tool. This course will also help you to clear the AWS certifications which add value for both technical and non-technical resources in the current digital world.

Who this course is for:

  • This course if for everyone who wants to learn about AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate


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