Develop memory programming to create correct thoughts and organize your life.


This course focuses on developing a memory programming system to foster correct thinking and organize one’s life effectively. Participants will learn about memory measurement and balancing systems, which are crucial for creating balanced and logical thought processes. The course outlines stages of mental programming aimed at making sound decisions and developing healthy thinking patterns.

Learners will explore methods to process complex information, using imaginative and open-minded approaches. The curriculum emphasizes building a memory system that measures ideas to ensure correct thinking, aiding in making the right choices and balancing various life events. By mastering this system, participants can organize different aspects of their lives, from diet and relationships to actions and interactions with others.

The course covers the network of information and communication in memory, essential for generating well-measured and positive thoughts. It also addresses the concept of psychological nodes and how to avoid them. Through mental software and processes, learners will understand how ideas form and evolve in the initial stages of thinking, utilizing techniques like brainstorming and processing information through wormholes and black holes.

Designed for those interested in self-development, psychology, brain neuroscience, and programming, this course provides foundational concepts of memory care, including nutrition, exercise, and sleep, to support healthy thinking and life organization.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about the memory measurement and balancing system
  • Stages of mental programming to create a good measurement system
  • How to create correct thinking and correct decisions in life
  • A method of processing black hole information for general measurement



  • You just need imagination and open your mind to information


In the course of developing a measurement and calculation system to create correct, balanced and strong thinking that makes you choose the right paths in life, decide on the right decision, and analyze the logical analysis in the stages of initial thinking.  You will learn with me how to build a memory by programming instructions that create a measurement system that measures ideas to bring out the best correct thinking that helps you apply the correct application, always choose the correct option, the correct methods, and balance events.  By learning about the measurement system and developing it in the mind, you will be able to balance your life, from organizing your food to organizing your relationships by balancing your actions and the actions of others and their differences from you. Creating an information network programmed with many correct ideas that are measured perfectly and helps you live a positive organized life without distraction and psychological complexes.  You will learn about the network of information and communication in memory that is used to create thinking through the system of measurement and balancing, and you will learn about the opposite of the network, the network of psychological nodes.  In the educational course you will learn about the mental software and mental processes that occur in memory for making ideas and normal, healthy thinking only in the initial stages.  You will learn about how information is processed initially through wormholes and black holes, and then you will learn about processing information through brainstorming.  The information in this course is general but focused on network concepts.  I want you to know how to measure and balance to create healthy thinking in your life in all life situations, whether difficult or positive.  By learning about the measurement system, you will learn to balance and organize your life. Building a healthy life with healthy thinking requires basic programming and then programming many healthy thoughts.  Healthy thoughts from healthy thoughts measured by balance in the network.  Ideas and correct thinking do not form quickly for the sake of simple and quick memorization. Rather, they require focusing on the basic rules of memory that provide basic energy.  You will learn how taking care of health in terms of nutrition, exercise, and sleep is very important for building memory, programming memory, and building a measuring and balancing system.  You will learn about good foundational concepts of instruction, command, and language programming.  You will know how your mind balances life and people.

Who this course is for:

  • Those interested in self-development, psychology, brain and neuroscience, and programming


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