Being a DJ is more than pressing buttons. We will teach you the skills of DJing and how to become a great party host!


This course offers a comprehensive guide to becoming a proficient DJ and a captivating party host. It emphasizes that DJing entails more than just pushing buttons; it’s about mastering the skills necessary to entertain and engage an audience.

The curriculum covers a range of topics, including setting up and troubleshooting DJ equipment, performing and mixing songs, and mastering advanced mixing techniques. Participants are expected to have access to DJ gear, such as CDJs and a mixer, either during or after the course.

Designed for beginners and self-taught DJs alike, the course aims to demystify the complexities of DJing. From fundamental setup procedures to advanced mixing methods like telegraphing, the content spans nearly 2 hours of video instruction.

This course caters to various audiences, including individuals with no prior DJing experience, aspiring DJs looking to enter the profession, and established DJs seeking to enhance their skills. By providing practical knowledge and hands-on training, it equips participants with the tools they need to succeed in the dynamic world of DJing.


What You’ll Learn

Set up & troubleshoot DJ equipment, Perform and mix songs to an audience, Perform advanced mixing techniques


Students should have access to DJ gear (CDJs, mixer) either during or after the course.


Ever wanted to be a DJ but thought it looked too complicated? Are you a self taught DJ but would like to improve your DJing skills?

Then this course is made for you! We’ll cover all aspects of DJing, from the basics of setting up, which cables to use, and how to troubleshoot your gear, to basic mixing, beat matching, and more advanced techniques like telegraphing.

There’s nearly 2 hours of comprehensive video content.

Who this course is for:

  • People wanting to learn about DJing with no prior knowledge
  • People wanting to work as DJs
  • DJs who want to improve their DJing skills
  • DJs who want to strengthen their foundational skills

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