Learn how to build a Pet Hotel web app with React, NodeJS, SQL, MongoDB or Firebase Firestore using


Summary of the “Build a Pet Hotel Web App with React, NodeJS, SQL, MongoDB, or Firebase Firestore using ScaffoldHub” Course


The course is designed to teach developers how to build a comprehensive Pet Hotel web application using modern web technologies and frameworks. It leverages ScaffoldHub for initial application setup and covers various deployment strategies. The curriculum is tailored for Javascript developers who possess basic programming skills and familiarity with Javascript.

Course Content

The course is structured into four main sections, encompassing a total of 44 lectures with a combined duration of approximately 7 hours and 9 minutes. The sections are:

  1. Introduction: This section includes an overview of the course and a brief introduction to the finished application.
  2. Setup and Deployment: Detailed steps on setting up and deploying both frontend and backend of the application using SQL, MongoDB, and Firebase Firestore.
  3. Basics: Covers foundational knowledge of Javascript, NodeJS, React, Redux, React Router, Formik, Yup, GraphQL, Sequelize, Mongoose, and Firebase Firestore.
  4. Customizations: Guides on customizing the application to meet specific needs of a Pet Hotel, including user roles, booking management, and additional features.

Technologies and Frameworks

  • Frontend: React is used for building the user interface, with Redux for state management and React Router for navigation.
  • Backend: NodeJS serves as the server-side runtime environment. The backend can be configured to use SQL (via Sequelize), MongoDB (via Mongoose), or Firebase Firestore as the database.
  • GraphQL: Employed for API queries and mutations, offering a flexible and efficient data fetching approach.
  • Formik and Yup: Utilized for form handling and validation, ensuring a robust and user-friendly form experience.

Course Breakdown

  1. Introduction and Finished Application: An initial overview and demonstration of the completed application to set clear expectations.
  2. Modeling: Detailed discussion on data modeling for the application.
  3. Setup and Deploy:
    • Frontend: Instructions on setting up and deploying the frontend.
    • Backend:
      • SQL version: Setup using Sequelize.
      • MongoDB version: Setup using Mongoose.
      • Firebase Firestore version: Setup using Firebase Firestore.
  4. Basics:
    • Source Code Introduction: An introduction to the provided source code.
    • Javascript and NodeJS: Fundamental concepts and practices.
    • React and Redux: Building the UI and managing application state.
    • React Router: Managing application routing.
    • Formik and Yup: Handling forms and validation.
    • GraphQL: Basics of using GraphQL for API operations.
    • Database Integrations: Using Sequelize for SQL, Mongoose for MongoDB, and Firebase Firestore for real-time database requirements.
  5. Customizations:
    • Themes, Images, and Icons: Customizing the visual aspects of the application.
    • User Roles: Defining roles such as Manager, Employee, and Pet Owner, with specific permissions.
    • User Onboarding: New users start as Pet Owners.
    • Booking Management: Detailed mechanisms for handling bookings, including constraints and permissions.
    • Booking Statuses: Implementing status constraints and color coding.
    • Manager Functions: Additional functionalities for managers like setting fees, managing capacity, and registering employees.
    • Communication Features: Sending photos and notes to pet owners via email.
    • Internationalization: Adding support for multiple languages.

Target Audience

The course is intended for Javascript developers looking to enhance their skills in full-stack development, specifically with React, NodeJS, and various databases. It is ideal for those who wish to learn through practical application by building a functional and real-world web application.


By the end of the course, participants will have developed a fully functional Pet Hotel web application, equipped with user management, booking systems, and customization options. They will gain hands-on experience with modern web technologies and best practices in full-stack development.


What You’ll Learn

  • How to build a Pet Hotel Web App with React, GraphQL, NodeJS and SQL, MongoDB or Firebase using ScaffoldHub


  • Basic programming skills and know javascript


Learn how to build a Pet Hotel web application with React, GraphQL, NodeJS, SQL, MongoDB or Firebase Firestore using ScaffoldHub.

The course uses ScaffoldHub to create the initial application and then we deploy it in the cloud. After we explain the basics of Javascript, React, Redux, React Router, Formik and Yup. GraphQL, Sequelize (SQL), Mongoose (MongoDB) and Firebase Firestore, and finally, how the application is customized to attend all the Pet Hotel needs.

Who this course is for

  • Javascript Developers

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