Learn how to use scripting language to create a 2D platformer game, “My Adventure” in the MapleStory Worlds.


The “My Adventure” course in MapleStory Worlds teaches you how to create a 2D platformer game using scripting languages, specifically LuaScript. You’ll learn game development skills within the MSW Client, leveraging MapleStory game resources to build and monetize your game. The course requires basic programming knowledge and a keen interest in game design and development.

The curriculum includes:

  • Basic concepts of LuaScript: entity, component, property, model, service, and logic.
  • Network understanding in MSW: property synchronization and function control, determining server or client execution.

This course targets potential content creators, MapleStory players, and anyone interested in game development on the MSW platform. Completing the course will enable you to design, create, and monetize your own game, with potential earnings from in-game items and tickets. The course promises a challenging yet rewarding experience, encouraging creativity and technical skills in game development.


What You’ll Learn

  • Game development skills in MSW Client
  • Use LuaScript to make logics and implement code
  • Learn how to make their own game using the MapleStory game resources
  • Monetize ones own content by adding an item and tickets



  • Basic programming skills to understand for/if statement
  • Curiosity in game design and development
  • Interest in the MapleStory Worlds platform


Part 2 offers you a broad coverage of Computer Network and algorithms. It may be challenging but I believe you can do this. Keep up the good work! 

Welcome to the MSW101 lecture for global users who are a potential “Content Creator” in the MapleStory Worlds platform! Have you ever imagined playing a game you created yourself? Have you ever thought of changing the rules or items of the game to enjoy it to the fullest? Go through the whole lecture, then you’ll be able to make your fantasy fulfilled. Are you ready? Off you go!

If you are here after watching Part 1, you’re on the right track! But if you haven’t, come back to “[Part 2] Create Your Own Game in the MapleStory Worlds” after finishing up the previous course. That would give you better understanding about the topics in overall. In this course, we’ll dive a little bit more deeper into LuaScript with examples of its different data types. Furthermore, concept of Network is introduced with illustrations.

[PART 2] 

  • Section 2. Basic concepts and LuaScript: Few main concepts of the Maker; entity, component, property, model, service, and logic. Also, you’ll learn how to script using Lua.
  • Section 3. Understanding Network in MSW: All about Network. Explanation of property synchronization and function control; deciding whether your function will run in the server or the client.

Key takeaways :

  1. Game development skills in MSW Client by using LuaScript.
  2. Anyone can play your own game published in the MSW platform.
  3. You can earn profit by monetizing your game by adding items and tickets.

You’re already halfway through. Only one more to go. Enjoy learning!

Who this course is for:

  • Open to anyone who is interested in the MSW platform
  • MapleStory game players who wants to develop their own game

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