Get up and running with Java lambdas confidently – in conceptual, practical and intuitive manner – in 30 minutes


The course “Get up and running with Java lambdas confidently – in conceptual, practical and intuitive manner – in 30 minutes” aims to rapidly teach Java 8 functional programming. Designed for individuals already familiar with Java 7, this quick yet comprehensive course focuses on making learners proficient in writing well-readable functional code using lambdas and method references.

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Write concise, fluent, and readable functional Java 8 code.
  2. Understand and implement lambda expressions and method references.
  3. Compose lambda expressions effectively.

Functional programming is highlighted as the most significant feature introduced in Java 8. It enables coding in a faster and more readable manner. However, mastering these features can be challenging without proper guidance. This course addresses this by offering a structured approach to learning Java 8 functional programming concepts in a brief but informative way.

The course is the first part of a two-part series, specifically focusing on:

  • Lambda expressions
  • Method references
  • Composing lambda expressions

The subsequent part, which will cover Streams, is mentioned as coming soon, with links to it available in the resources section of the last lesson.

The instructional strategy includes simple and crisp examples designed to be easy to understand yet highly informative. Practical exercises are integrated into the lessons, and source code links are provided in the resources section, ensuring learners can practice and apply what they learn immediately.

The course is intended for anyone who wants to quickly grasp the concepts of Java lambdas and use them confidently. It is especially beneficial for developers looking to enhance their coding efficiency and readability by adopting functional programming practices introduced in Java 8.

Participants should have prior knowledge of Java 7 to follow the course content effectively.

In summary, this rapid 30-minute course is tailored to provide a solid foundation in Java 8 lambdas and method references. It offers a conceptual, practical, and intuitive learning experience, ensuring that participants can confidently write functional Java code by the end of the session. The course promises to be an invaluable resource for developers eager to upgrade their skills and embrace the functional programming paradigm in Java.


What You’ll Learn

Code well readable functional Java 8 code using lambdas and method references


You should already know Java 7


This is a very rapid course on Java 8 functional programming.

Functional programming has been the most important of all Java 8 new features. Using Java 8 functional programming, we can now code many things much faster than before, in a concisefluent and readable manner. But, unless you learn those functional programming features properly, getting used to those becomes a bit confusing. So, in this course, we are going to grasp how to do functional programming in an intuitive and conceptual manner, very rapidly. We’ll learn each feature with simple and crisp examples, which’ll be very brief but quite informative.

This course is actually part I of a two-part course. It covers about Java Lambdas, e.g. lambda expressions, method references, composing lambda expressions etc. The next part, which is coming soon, will be about Streams. You’ll find link to that in the resources section of the last lesson.

We’ve done some practical exercises in the lessons here, and the links to the source codes are available in the resources section.

Who this course is for

Anyone who wants to grasp the concepts of lambdas and use those confidently in 30 minutes.

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