Build a web app with Django // The #1 Web Development Framework for Python


The provided data outlines a comprehensive course on building web applications using Django, highlighting its importance as the #1 web development framework for Python. Learners will delve into Django fundamentals, including Python 3 and Django 1.11, along with concepts like function-based views, class-based views, URL routing, basic database integration, querying and saving data, best practices, user profiles, registration, activation, and email setup.

Moreover, the course covers Django forms, form validation, integrating Bootstrap, building an internal search engine, implementing follow buttons, and deploying applications live with Heroku. Prerequisites include a solid understanding of Python programming, with additional guidance available through a provided system setup video.

The description emphasizes Python’s significance in technology due to its scalability, open-source nature, and applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Raspberry Pi projects. Django serves as the backbone for web projects, offering secure and reliable data handling capabilities. Noteworthy examples like Instagram, Pinterest, NASA, and Mozilla underscore Django’s prevalence and effectiveness.

The course targets a broad audience, including aspiring web developers, entrepreneurs seeking coding skills, programmers transitioning to Python, and individuals eager to create tangible projects or upgrade their Django proficiency to version 1.11.


What You’ll Learn

  • The fundamentals of Django
  • Python 3 & Django 1.11
  • Function Based Views & Class Based Views
  • URL Routing
  • Basic Database Integration
  • Querying the Database
  • Saving data in the database
  • Best practices in Django
  • Creating User Profiles
  • Data Feeds
  • Registration & Activation
  • Setup Email to Send in Django
  • Django Forms
  • Form Validation
  • Django & The Python Shell
  • Integrating Bootstrap (only basics) to Django
  • Building an Internal Search Engine
  • Follow Buttons
  • Go Live with Heroku



  • Understanding of the Python Programming Language (strongly recommended)
  • See our System Setup Video in “Getting Started with Django” in this course (it’s free)


Python is one of the best programming languages in the planet. Why? For a few reasons:

  • It’s proven & scalable
  • It’s open-source
  • The Internet of Things and Raspberry Pi
  • It’s leading the change for future technology

Proven & Scalable: Python runs Instagram’s backend. It also run’s Pinterest’s, NASA, Mozilla, and countless others. It scales.

Open-Source: Open source technology means **anyone** can change it. Literally anyone. Are you in New Zealand? Yup you can change the code. Are you in Argentina? Yup, go ahead change it. Open-source changes the game for everyone because we can all use it.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Raspberry PI Connected devices are coming in waves. The easiest way to connect to these devices is using the Raspberry Pi and writing code in Python. Python is versatile so it makes controlling real-world objects with Raspberry Pi simple.

Pushing the Bounds of Future Technology Python is leading the charge in artificial intelligence with things like OpenCV, TensorFlow, PyBrain, and many others.

Sooo… Python is cool but why is this called Try Django? What’s Django?


Django will be the backbone for your projects. 


If you work with Python, the chances are good you need internet-connected data that stored securely and is reliable. This is where Django comes in. Django is a web-framework that can handle all of your data and handle it better than any web framework out there.

Django is the #1 Web Framework for Python for a reason: it’s easy enough for the beginners and yet powerful enough for the pros. Instagram uses Python by way of Django. So does Pinterest. And Nasa. And Mozilla. It may not be the only technology that they use but its… the backbone of them all.

If Python is the future behind underlying technology, Django will be it’s close cousin and if you love Python, Django will soon become your friend.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build web applications with Python
  • Entrepreneurs looking to build a base of coding skills
  • Programmers looking into breaking into Python
  • Anyone looking to build something real
  • Anyone looking to upgrade to Django 1.11


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