Attract more abundance using simple techniques you can apply any place, anytime, and anywhere!


The course aims to help individuals attract abundance using simple techniques applicable in any place, anytime, and anywhere. It focuses on mastering manifestation, understanding the vibrations that link to wealth, and attracting abundance effectively. Participants will learn to control their financial situations rather than being controlled by them and attract the right wealth receivers tailored to their needs.

Requirements include a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction, and newcomers must be open to its teachings. The course content is designed to adapt to Udemy’s guidelines regarding money-focused courses. It addresses common struggles in attracting abundance, emphasizing that the Law of Attraction operates continuously, sometimes causing individuals to repel abundance unknowingly.

The course promises to align participants with the vibrational frequency of wealth, leading to tangible results in their lives. However, it’s explicitly stated that the teachings are not suitable for those with negative or pessimistic attitudes. Positive, open-minded, and dedicated individuals are encouraged to enroll for the best results.

The curriculum covers various modules, including reclaiming one’s power in money attraction, clearing money vibrations, connecting to wealth through vibrations, maintaining a wealth mindset, and understanding wealth receivers. Techniques provided can be implemented anywhere, anytime, making them accessible even for busy individuals.

Participants are advised to have pen and paper for note-taking and encouraged to revisit modules until they feel comfortable with the steps outlined. Additional bonus lectures cover topics such as living in the present versus vibrational visualization, the importance of words in manifestation, and being ready for opportunities.

Overall, the course targets individuals looking to attract more abundance in their businesses or careers using the Law of Attraction, offering practical techniques and insights to manifest wealth effectively.


What You’ll Learn

  • Master how to manifest smart
  • Discover what vibration links you to wealth
  • Learn how to attract more abundance
  • Powerful techniques you can apply anyplace, anywhere, at anytime!
  • Master how to control your money situation instead of letting it control you
  • How to attract the right wealth receivers for you personally



  • Basic understanding on the Law of Attraction
  • If new to LOA teachings student must be open



***Udemy changed their guidelines on courses focused towards money hence a few changes made, I hope you can be open-minded to the adaptions but still get the value you came for 🙂 ***


Have you have been struggling to attract the desired amount of abundance you want through your business?

Sometimes no matter what action steps you take, you just can’t seem to attract the abundance or prosperity you want.

This is because in every given moment the Law of Attraction is in action, and sometimes without knowing you can be in fact pushing the abundance away from you, instead of attracting it to you, even when you think you are on track!

With that said, although you are not attracting the abundance you want right now, applying the steps given through this course you will open the door for you to become a vibrational match to the wealth you have been desiring, and physical evidence of this will show up in your personal reality.

But wait this course is not for everyone…

Who is this course for?

If you are positive, open and dedicated this course is for you and you WILL see amazing results whilst applying this course to your life.

Who isn’t this course for?

If you are negative, pessimistic, or not dedicated my teachings will NOT work for you.

If you answered YES to the first what are you waiting for?

This course has been created for you to create and attract abundance for your highest good.

*Please have a pen and paper to hand to take notes.

*If you feel you didn’t fully understand a module please go back and listen again until you feel fully comfortable and understand what steps are to be taken.
This is to ensure you have the greatest results in your physical reality.

* Do not worry if you are extremely busy the steps I share with you can be done anyplace, anywhere and still make a big impact on your money situation.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone that wants to attract more abundance through their business or career using the Law of Attraction

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