Trading the Stock Markets! Learn how to read the charts the EASY way Today!


Trading the Stock Markets!” is a beginner-level course on technical analysis designed to help individuals understand and navigate the stock market using easy-to-understand concepts and tools. Taught by Shakir, a seasoned trader with 18 years of experience, the course aims to demystify trading by providing a solid foundation in technical analysis and practical skills to read and interpret market charts effectively.

Key Learning Points:

  • Candlestick Analysis: Students will learn to recognize and understand different types of Japanese candlesticks, their formation, and their significance in predicting market movements.
  • Support and Resistance: The course covers the importance of support and resistance levels, how to identify them on charts, and use them to optimize trading decisions.
  • Market Trends: Understanding basic market trends, creating trend lines, and avoiding common trading mistakes by identifying undesirable price levels.

Course Requirements:

  • Basic computer skills and a reliable internet connection are necessary.

Course Content:

The course is divided into four sections with a total of 16 lectures, spanning 2 hours and 40 minutes. Key topics include:

  1. Introduction and Course Overview: A brief on what the course will cover.
  2. Candlestick Reading and Understanding: Detailed lessons on reading candlesticks, identifying open, high, low, and close (OHLC) levels, and understanding market sentiment through candlestick charts.
  3. Support and Resistance: Comprehensive sessions on drawing and practicing support and resistance lines on charts.
  4. Practical Tips and Advanced Concepts: Additional lectures provide tips on drawing support and resistance lines and an overview of advanced concepts for further learning.

Course Benefits:

  • Practical Learning: Quizzes and direct contact with the instructor help reinforce learning and improve trading techniques.
  • Reduced Learning Curve: Learning from an expert like Shakir helps filter out unnecessary information, providing the most crucial tools for successful trading.

Target Audience:

  • Beginners: Individuals new to stock market trading who want to learn basic technical analysis.
  • Traders/Investors: Those seeking to understand optimal price levels for entering and exiting trades.

Additional Resources:

  • Bonus Lectures: Insights on advanced technical indicators and answers to common questions enhance the foundational knowledge provided in the course.

Overall, “Trading the Stock Markets!” is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to technical analysis, making trading less intimidating and more enjoyable for beginners.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand & Recognize the types of candlesticks
  • Read basic candlestick charts
  • Find Support & Resistance levels
  • Understand basic market trends & create trend lines
  • Understand how to avoid making big mistakes by entering a trade at undesirable price levels



  • Should be able to use a PC or Mac
  • Should have a reliable & fast internet connection
  • Should be able to use a computer at a basic level


Hi, I am Shakir and I have been trading the financial markets for the past 18 years. I must admit I found it challenging at first! Over these years I have studied the markets from a variety of sources… I have trained under expert traders, picked up trading skills from a vast library of books, analysed almost every kind of pattern that exists, and have settled down with a firm & calm understanding of how to trade. It has now come to be more of a passion to me.

I want to reach out and explain my ideas and concepts to help make everyone understand that trading does not have to be complicated & stressful. It can be easy & fun! So join me on my journey and let us explore the world of trading together!

This is a beginner level stock market trading course that uses Technical Analysis to predict the upcoming movement of prices. History repeats itself so therefore we must dive into the past by studying the Technical charts in order to predict the future. This course lays down your foundations in technical analysis and it helps you grow by providing you with the tools to practice your new skills.

The “Trading Master 101 – Introduction To Technical Analysis” covers:

  1. How to Read & Understand Individual Japanese Candlesticks
  2. Create & Modify Candlesticks
  3. How to Read & Understand Candlestick Charts
  4. Identify Important Candlesticks and associate their effect of price movements
  5. How to Identify Pin Bar Candlesticks and Make Money Consistently?
  6. How to Identify Engulfing Candlesticks and Make Money Consistently?
  7. Use Support & Resistance Points to optimize entry & exit levels
  8. Combining Support & Resistance with Candlestick Patterns to read the charts in a new and exciting way!

Learning from an expert reduces your learning curve drastically which will save you a lot of time and effort. This course filters out the noise and clutter and gives you the most important tools you need to succeed in the market place.

Quizzes will help you remember your newly acquired knowledge, whereas direct contact with the instructor will help you perfect your market entry & exit technique.


Who this course is for

  • Students who want to learn basic Technical Analysis
  • Traders / Investors who want to learn the optimal price levels at which to start investing

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