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This comprehensive course is designed to enhance your communication skills, both verbal and written, and is tailored for a diverse audience including business professionals, students, salespersons, teachers, and lecturers. The primary goal is to transform participants into proficient communicators who can effectively engage with others in various contexts, be it in person or online. Here’s a detailed summary of what this course offers:

What You’ll Learn

The course covers a wide array of communication skills, including:

  • Effective Communication Skills: Techniques for clear and impactful verbal and written communication.
  • Presentation Skills: Strategies to deliver compelling presentations.
  • Public Speaking: Enhancing confidence and clarity in speaking to an audience.
  • Writing: Crafting professional and meaningful written content.
  • Sales Communications: Techniques to improve persuasive communication in sales.
  • Media Production: Producing professional audio and video content.
  • Listening Skills: Developing the often-overlooked skill of active listening.

Course Requirements

The only prerequisite for this course is an interest in improving your communication skills. This makes it accessible to anyone eager to develop in this area.

Course Description

The course aims to develop participants into the best communicators they can be by focusing on both verbal and written communication. It includes:

  • Accurate Verbal Communication: Ensuring clarity and precision in spoken interactions.
  • Professional Written Communication: Creating impactful written messages.
  • Effective Presentation Skills: Overcoming challenges associated with public speaking.
  • Media Production Skills: Producing high-quality video and audio content.
  • Sales Communication: Enhancing effectiveness in sales-related interactions.
  • Listening Skills: Cultivating the art of listening to facilitate meaningful dialogue.
  • 2022 Post-Pandemic Update: Addressing the changes in business communication brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instructor Background

David Inman, the course tutor, is a seasoned public and professional speaker with extensive experience in the land, real estate, and construction sectors as a Chartered Surveyor. His professional journey includes significant roles across Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australasia, providing him with a global perspective on communication. He is also a qualified lecturer with certifications from the University of Central Lancashire and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health. His teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of practice in public communication, encapsulated in his belief that “practice makes progress.”

Who This Course Is For

The course is intended for:

  • Anyone: Individuals looking to improve their communication skills.
  • Business People: Professionals aiming to enhance their workplace communication.
  • Students: Learners looking to boost their academic and social communication.
  • Sales Persons: Individuals in sales seeking to improve their persuasive communication.
  • Teachers and Lecturers: Educators aiming to deliver more effective lectures and presentations.

Course Content

The course is structured into five sections with a total of eight lectures, spanning a duration of 38 minutes. The content includes:

  1. Introduction (1:30): An overview of the course.
  2. Verbal Communications (11:14): Importance of accurate verbal communication, including safety-critical communication.
  3. Written Communications (5:17): The significance of precise written communication.
  4. Being an Effective Presenter (6:32): Tips and strategies for effective presentations.
  5. Media Production (3:39): Guidelines for producing professional media content.
  6. Using Your Skills to Negotiate (1:16): Applying communication skills in negotiations.
  7. Be an Effective Listener (2:45): Techniques to improve listening skills.
  8. 2022 Course Update (5:47): Updates on business communication post-pandemic.


This course is an all-encompassing program designed to elevate your communication capabilities, making you more effective in various professional and personal interactions. With a seasoned instructor like David Inman, participants are guaranteed to gain valuable insights and practical skills to become proficient communicators.

What You’ll Learn

  • Effective communications skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Public speaking
  • Speaking
  • Presentations
  • Writing
  • Sales
  • Media production
  • Presenting
  • Teaching
  • Lecturing



  • Have an interest in improving your communication skills


Do you want to become the best business communicator that you can?

Do you want to effectively communicate with others both in person and online?

Do you want to develop as a person via communication?

This course looks at verbal and written communications including:

  • Accurately and successful verbal communications
  • Professional and meaningful written communications
  • Meeting important people
  • Being an effective presenter
  • Producing video media
  • Effective sales communications
  • Listening skills
  • 2022 post-pandemic update on business communications.

The course tutor, David Inman, is an experienced public and professional speaker, plus working as a Chartered Surveyor, he has to negotiate on complex business issues in the land, real estate and construction sectors. He is based in the UK but has delivered professional work across Europe, in North & South America, Asia and Australasia giving him a unique view on how to professional communicate with various levels of stakeholders.

David is a qualified lecturer, holding the Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector from the University of Central Lancashire and he also holds the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Professional Trainer Certificate.

Is regularly speaks in public to local surveying students and business groups.

He is a great believer in the more you communicate in public, they better you will become and that “practice makes progress”.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone
  • Business people
  • Students
  • Sales persons
  • Teachers
  • Lecturers

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