An easy blueprint for more effective presentations or training!



Summary of “An Easy Blueprint for More Effective Presentations or Training”


The course “An Easy Blueprint for More Effective Presentations or Training” is designed to help presenters and trainers enhance their skills in structuring engaging and impactful presentations. It focuses on providing a simple yet powerful approach to organizing content, with or without the use of PowerPoint slides. This course requires no prior knowledge and is suitable for presenters of all levels.

Key Learnings:

  1. Structuring a Presentation:
    • The course emphasizes the importance of organizing your presentation before even opening PowerPoint. A well-structured presentation is key to capturing and maintaining the audience’s attention.
    • It introduces an easy-to-understand analogy to simplify the process of drafting a talk or training session.
    • A vital question is highlighted, which many presenters overlook. This question is crucial for ensuring that the presentation resonates with the audience and makes them glad they attended.
  2. Engaging the Audience:
    • The course identifies two critical ingredients that can make the difference between losing the audience’s interest and receiving positive feedback. These elements are designed to keep the presentation engaging and memorable.
  3. Useful Templates and Tools:
    • Participants will receive a handy template called the StoryTrain Template, which removes the guesswork from structuring a presentation. This template is aimed at saving time and reducing frustration during the preparation process.
    • A StoryTrain Worksheet is also provided to help apply the learned principles effectively.

Course Structure:

The course is divided into a single section comprising 11 lectures with a total duration of 37 minutes. Here is a breakdown of the content:

  1. Welcome (01:09):
    • An introduction to the course and its objectives.
  2. Chapter 6 Introduction (02:45):
    • Overview of the chapter focused on structuring presentations.
  3. Introduction (01:27):
    • Brief introduction to the principles of effective presentation structuring.
  4. Structure Part 1 (08:08):
    • Detailed discussion on the first part of structuring a presentation.
  5. Structure Part 2 (04:25):
    • Continuation of the structuring process with additional insights.
  6. Structure Part 3 (04:19):
    • Final part of the structuring process, wrapping up the key elements.
  7. Structure Wrap (02:41):
    • Summary and wrap-up of the structuring techniques.
  8. The StoryTrain Template:
    • Introduction to the template designed to aid in structuring presentations.
  9. StoryTrain Worksheet:
    • A practical tool to help implement the structuring techniques.
  10. Bonus Lesson: Step One to Powerful Content (10:24):
    • A bonus lesson providing additional strategies for creating impactful content.
  11. BONUS LECTURE: What Next? (02:32):
    • Final thoughts and next steps for participants.

Target Audience:

This course is suitable for presenters and trainers at various levels who are looking to simplify the process of structuring their presentations. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced presenter, the principles and tools provided in this course aim to enhance your presentation skills and make your sessions more effective.

What You’ll Learn

  • Structure a presentation to be more engaging and have a greater impact.



  • No prior knowledge required.


Have your first lesson on me!
A vital key to great presentations with or without PowerPoint slides.

A 30 minute excerpt from Chapter Six of the Power in your Point course.

A great presentation with slides must begin BEFORE you open up PowerPoint! In this lesson, you’ll learn how to easily structure your presentation so it is well organized, engaging, and helps you make the impact you’re after!

You’ll not only walk away with the vital principles for structuring content, you’ll also receive a template that truly makes things a breeze!

What you’ll get:

  • An easy analogy to make drafting your next talk or training a no-brainer
  • One key question (most forget) that ensures you’ll get their attention and make your members glad they came
  • Two vital ingredients that make the difference between losing your audience and getting rave reviews
  • A very handy template that takes out the guesswork, saving you time and frustration


Who this course is for

  • This course is appropriate for most levels of presenters and trainers who are looking to simplify the process of structuring a presentation.

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