Understand the basic principles of game development inside Unity by building a 3D Ball runner.


The course “Understand the basic principles of game development inside Unity by building a 3D Ball runner” is designed for individuals interested in game development, particularly using Unity. The course covers essential skills and concepts needed to create a 3D game where a ball runs, jumps, and collects coins. Key learning outcomes include:

  • Positioning, rotating, and scaling game objects within Unity.
  • Adding colors and background textures to these objects.
  • Programming the sphere to move in various directions using arrow keys and to jump over obstacles.
  • Creating and animating collectible coins and managing the score as coins are collected.
  • Developing a menu scene with 2D text, buttons, and background textures, and navigating between different scenes.

Participants will gain practical experience in programming logic to handle user inputs and control game mechanics. They will also learn to implement 2D components for creating interactive menu interfaces, including buttons that trigger scene transitions and an exit function.

The course is suited for those with a basic understanding of C++ or C# programming, though this is not a strict requirement. It caters to engineering students aiming for a career in the gaming industry and software engineers looking to delve into game development.

With a focus on practical application, the course promises a hands-on learning experience. By its conclusion, students will have developed their own 3D game in Unity, equipped with foundational skills in game object manipulation, user input handling, scene management, and user interface design. The course encourages immediate enrollment to start building a first 3D game, positioning it as an essential step for aspiring game developers.


What You’ll Learn

  • Position, rotate and scale gamobjects inside Unity
  • Add colors and background textures to gameobjects
  • Program the sphere to move in different direction using arrow keys
  • Program the sphere to jump over hurdles
  • Collect coins placed at different intervals
  • Create menu scene with 2D Text, 2D buttons and background textures
  • Navigate between different scenes



  • Basic understanding of C++ or C# programming will be useful but not necessary
  • Windows PC running on windows 10 or Mac system for developing the game


Do you want to make a carrier in Gaming industry or are you interested in building your own games. If the answer to both the questions is YES, then you have come to the right place. This course is for students who are somewhat familiar to C++ or C# programming language and want to develop computer games using unity.The following topics will be covered in this course.

  • Position, rotate and scale gamobjects inside Unity
  • Add colors and background textures to gameobjects
  • Understand the programming logic for taking input from the keyboard arrow keys and move the sphere in different direction.
  • Making the Ball jump (over the hurdles)
  • Creating golden coins and rotating them
  • Collecting the coins and decrementing the score once each coind is collected
  • Switching the scene once all the coins are collected
  • Working with 2D Components such as 2D Text, Background textures and 2D  Buttons for developing the Menu scene and End scene.
  • Adding Onclick event to the buttons for switching between scenes when button is pressed
  • Exiting the game once exit button is pressed.

So guys what are you waiting for, there are a lot of new things that you will learn from this course. Enroll now and start building your first 3D game inside unity.


Who this course is for

  • Engineering students who want to start their career in gaming industry
  • Software engineers who want to explore the field of game development


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