Vital information about the things you’ll need to know when starting out in business.


Starting a business requires understanding several fundamental aspects. This series provides essential information on the key areas one needs to grasp when embarking on this journey. The course covers critical topics including the financial requirements for starting a business, potential sources for obtaining financing, and the various legal structures available for a new business. It also delves into the necessary licenses and permits required, essential tax information, and initial marketing strategies.

The series is designed to offer a concise overview through videos, supplemented by questions to ensure comprehension. This foundational knowledge aims to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the insights needed to navigate the initial stages of starting a business.

Specifically, participants will learn about the amount of capital required to launch their venture, explore different financing options, understand the implications of choosing various business legal forms, and identify the essential licenses and permits needed for compliance. Additionally, the course addresses the basics of tax obligations and introduces effective methods for marketing a new business.

This course is intended for anyone planning to start a new business, providing them with a clear understanding of what to expect and how to prepare effectively for their entrepreneurial journey.


What You’ll Learn

  • Learn what you are getting into when you open a business.


  • Watch the videos and answer the questions.


In this short series you’ll learn the basics about things such as how much money you’ll need to start your business, where you can potentially get financing, what legal form you want your business to take, the necessary licenses and permits, what you should know about taxes, and how to get started marketing your business.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone planning to start a new business.