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This free taster course on negotiation, titled “Crafting Agreements That Produce Excellent Results and Better Relationships,” aims to equip participants with essential skills to negotiate effectively in both personal and professional settings. The course emphasizes collaborative negotiation, which focuses on understanding the feelings and viewpoints of all parties involved. By leveraging tested techniques, participants will learn to structure negotiations clearly and efficiently.

The course begins with perfecting negotiation strategies, highlighting the importance of understanding the ‘power of variables’ through concepts like the WIN matrix and the 4 Ps. These foundational principles are designed to enhance haggling and bargaining skills. The middle section delves into the art of discussion, providing exercises to help participants navigate negotiations towards favorable outcomes. A key tool introduced here is the creation of a discussion agreement statement, which aids in achieving desired negotiation results.

In addition to discussing negotiation phases and tactics, the course explores the psychological aspects of dialogue. It stresses the importance of self-awareness in persuading others and transitions into a detailed analysis of personality types. The personality section introduces concepts such as ‘colours,’ ‘aspects,’ and ‘drives’ to improve collaborative negotiation, regardless of the other party’s personality. By understanding and adapting to different personality types, negotiators can become more effective.

The course concludes with a discussion on common pitfalls in negotiation, aiming to prevent participants from making frequent errors. Overall, this robust source of negotiation knowledge provides in-depth principles and proven strategies for applying them in various aspects of life. The course content includes 12 lectures spread over 31 minutes, covering topics from personality profiling to adapting negotiation strategies based on personality types.

For those interested in further enhancing their negotiation skills, the course offers a link to a full, extended version with additional lectures and more comprehensive content. This free taster course is ideal for anyone looking to improve long-term negotiation outcomes in their professional and personal lives.

What You’ll Learn

  • Negotiate effectively to craft agreements that give everyone more



  • You need to have opportunities to negotiate in your professional or personal life


Negotiation is everywhere – in our private and professional jobs, we sometimes negotiate without even knowing it. As sociable beings, negotiation is part and parcel of the way humans interact, so it’s well worth mastering.

Using tried and tested techniques, this course will give both clarity and efficiency to the way you go about negotiating. Not only will you learn how to structure a negotiation correctly, but you will also be taught about the concept of collaborative negotiation, which hinges on understanding the other person’s feelings and viewpoints.

The first steps of the course will focus on perfecting your negotiation strategy. This will involve an appreciation of the ‘power of variables’. Within this section, you will be taught exciting new concepts such as ‘the WIN matrix’ and ‘the 4 Ps’, all common principles of negotiation that will have you haggling and bargaining like the very best!

The middle of the course will be focused on the concept of discussion. There are a lot of different exercises within this section to fully solidify your understanding of how to manoeuvre a negotiation in the direction you want it to go. By putting this together, you will then know how to create a discussion agreement statement – an excellent tool that gets you exactly what you want during the negotiation process.

As well as focusing on other negotiation phases and tricks, examples including proposing and agreeing, the course will focus on the psychology of dialogue, and how you need to overcome yourself before persuading someone else to agree to your conditions.

This transitions beautifully into the ‘personality’ section of the course, where you will learn concepts such as ‘colours’, ‘aspects’ and ‘drives’ to always win at collaborative negotiation, regardless of the type of person you are talking to.

By concluding with a list of common pitfalls that negotiators trip themselves up on, this course is truly a robust source of negotiation knowledge that will help you master the art of persuasion with ease and clarity. To learn the principles of negotiation in-depth and proven strategies for applying them in your personal and professional life, enrol today.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone who wants to work with others to produce long term results in their professional and personal lives

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