Create Windows App CRUD C#.Net with Entity Framework


In the course titled “Create Windows App CRUD C#.Net with Entity Framework,” students will delve into the process of building an asynchronous CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) system using C# and Entity Framework 6 (EF6). This free Udemy course is designed to equip learners with the skills necessary to develop a functional CRUD system within a Windows desktop application, utilizing the robust capabilities of EF6 for data management and manipulation.

To participate in this course, learners are expected to have access to a Windows-based computer. Additionally, they should possess a basic understanding of C# programming and fundamental database concepts. These prerequisites ensure that students can effectively grasp the course content and apply the techniques taught.

Throughout the course, the instructor employs Visual Studio 2019 as the primary development environment. However, flexibility is offered as students can also use earlier versions of Visual Studio, including 2012, 2015, or 2017. This accommodation allows for a broader range of participants who may not have the latest software version but still wish to enhance their programming skills.

One of the standout features of this course is the emphasis on converting traditional CRUD operations into asynchronous processes. Asynchronous programming is crucial for developing responsive applications, particularly in a desktop environment where maintaining a smooth user experience is paramount. By incorporating asynchronous methods, the instructor ensures that students learn how to create applications that can handle multiple operations concurrently without freezing or becoming unresponsive.

The course is structured with a series of instructional videos provided by the instructor. These videos guide students through each step of the CRUD system development, from setting up the project in Visual Studio to implementing and testing each CRUD operation. The visual and practical approach of the course aids in reinforcing the theoretical knowledge, making it easier for students to follow along and apply what they learn to their own projects.

Aimed at individuals ranging from beginners to those at an intermediate skill level, this course offers a valuable opportunity to deepen one’s understanding of both C# and Entity Framework. Beginners can benefit from the clear and concise explanations, while intermediate learners can enhance their existing knowledge by exploring the asynchronous programming techniques covered.

Overall, “Create Windows App CRUD C#.Net with Entity Framework” is a comprehensive course that provides a solid foundation in developing asynchronous CRUD systems within a Windows desktop application. The combination of practical video instruction, flexibility in software versions, and focus on asynchronous methods makes it a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their C# and database management skills. Whether you are just starting out or looking to refine your abilities, this course offers the tools and knowledge necessary to build efficient and responsive CRUD applications.


What You’ll Learn

The student will learn how to create a Asynchronous CRUD system in C# with EF6.


Windows based computer.


  • In this free Udemy course you will learn how  to make a  CRUD system using c# Desktop Windows App.
  • The requirements of this course is a basic experience in c# and understanding a basic databases.
  • Instructor included videos that converts the CRUD system into asynchronous process.
  • Instructor uses VS 2019 but you can also use, VS 2012, 2015 or 2017 version.


Who this course is for

Beginner to Intermediate

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