Beginners Guide to Finding Low-Competition, High Demand Products to Sell on Amazon FBA – 2020


The “Beginners Guide to Finding Low-Competition, High Demand Products to Sell on Amazon FBA – 2020” is an educational course designed to help aspiring Amazon sellers identify and source profitable products. This course focuses on teaching beginners how to find products with high demand but low competition, a crucial aspect for successful selling on Amazon.

Key Learnings:

  1. Finding Profitable Products: Techniques to discover and identify lucrative products.
  2. Analyzing Competition: Methods to evaluate Amazon competitors and understand market dynamics.
  3. Creating Product Bundles: Strategies for creating appealing product bundles, sets, packs, and gift sets.
  4. Using Google Tools: Leveraging Google Shopping Insights and Google Trends for product discovery.
  5. Finding Suppliers: Tips for sourcing manufacturers and effectively contacting them.

Course Requirements:

  • A computer and internet connection.
  • Software tools for product discovery on Amazon.

Course Description: Updated as of February 7, 2020, this course emphasizes the importance of selecting the right product as the first and most crucial step in building a successful Amazon FBA business. It addresses the common challenge many potential sellers face—finding high-demand, low-competition products. The course promises a step-by-step, over-the-shoulder demonstration of how to identify “home-run” products, moving beyond outdated methods that no longer work in the saturated market of 2020.

Unique Aspects:

  • The course introduces three secret rules the instructor has used since starting on Amazon, which are claimed to be unique and effective.
  • In just 63 minutes, learners will gain insights into understanding Amazon customers, calculating sales-to-review ratios, discovering profitable products, brainstorming ideas, and contacting manufacturers.

Target Audience:

  • Individuals interested in selling on Amazon.
  • Those wanting to start an online business or generate extra income.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to create a physical products brand or import products from overseas.
  • Anyone seeking passive income opportunities.

Course Structure: The course is organized into eight sections with a total of 16 lectures, lasting just over an hour. It covers:

  1. Course introduction and tools.
  2. Understanding Amazon customers and analyzing competition.
  3. Discovering products, creating bundles, and leveraging Google insights.
  4. Finding and contacting manufacturers, including filtering and approaching the best ones.

This course provides a comprehensive guide for beginners looking to enter the Amazon FBA market, emphasizing practical, up-to-date strategies to navigate the competitive landscape and achieve success.

What You’ll Learn

  • Finding A Profitable Product To Sell On Amazon
  • Ability To Analyze Amazon Competition.
  • Creating Bundles, Sets, Packs, Gift Sets, And Much More.
  • Using Google Shopping Insights & Google Trends.
  • Finding A Supplier To Manufacture The Product.
  • Contacting Manufacturers.



  • A Computer And Internet Connection.
  • Software To Discover Products On Amazon.


LAST UPDATED: 2/7/2020

The first & most important step in starting a successful physical product business on Amazon is picking the right product. It’s not a surprise that the majority of people that look into Amazon FBA never get started, simply because they cannot find high demand, low-competition products to source and private labels on Amazon.

Follow along and learn step-by-step while I demonstrate over-the-shoulder how to find home-run products each and every-time on Amazon – all explained for beginners. 

Amazon has grown to the point where slapping a logo and creating custom packaging for headphones, garlic presses or fidget spinners will no longer work due to the increase in sellers and stricter selling policies. However, despite all the change many guru’s are still teaching the same old ways in finding products that simply no longer work in 2020.

In this free course, you will learn everything from my 3 SECRET RULES I’ve been implying since I started selling on Amazon and NEVER SEEN BEFORE way in discovering low-competition, but very high demand products every single time. 

After watching this course in the next 63 minutes you will –

  • Understand The Amazon Customer
  • Calculate Sales To Review Ratio
  • Discovery Profitable Products
  • Analyze Amazon Competition
  • Brainstorm Product Ideas
  • Take Advantage Of Google
  • Find And Contact Manufactures

Everything is up to date & all information is accurate.


Who this course is for

  • Anyone Interested In Selling On Amazon.
  • Anyone Wanting To Open A Online Business.
  • Anyone Looking To Start Generating Extra Cash Online.
  • Anyone Looking To Start A Physical Products Brand.
  • Anyone Interested In Importing Products From Overseas.
  • Anyone Looking For Passive Income.

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