Foster a culture of learning to manage through change and prepare your team for the future of work



Summary: Fostering a Culture of Learning for the Future of Work

In today’s dynamic work environment, fostering a culture of learning within organizations is crucial to manage change and prepare for the future of work. The traditional pathway from education to career is obsolete; continuous learning and agility are now essential for long-term career sustainability. This course, derived from the book The Upskilling Imperative, provides leaders with tools and strategies to build and nurture a learning culture within their teams, emphasizing the importance of upskilling and adaptability.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  1. Evolution of Learning at Work: Understanding how workplace learning has evolved and the critical value of a robust learning culture in today’s work environment.
  2. Change Agility: Recognizing the necessity of change agility and how a learning culture equips teams to handle change and uncertainty.
  3. Core Learning Integration: Identifying methods to embed learning into the organizational workflow.
  4. Assessment and Enhancement: Evaluating the current learning culture and implementing steps to strengthen it.
  5. Management Through Uncertainty: Utilizing a strong learning culture to navigate through changes and uncertainties.
  6. Business Case for Learning: Formulating and presenting a compelling business case for continuous learning within the organization.

Course Description:

The course highlights the shift from a static education-to-career path to a dynamic, lifelong learning approach. Leaders are encouraged to support their teams in developing new skills to remain agile. The content focuses on practical strategies for managers to cultivate a learning culture, particularly in virtual environments. Key topics include the necessity of change agility, leveraging learning cultures during uncertain times, integrating learning into daily workflows, and making a business case for continuous learning.


The course is tailored for organizational leaders, HR and L&D professionals, and learning professionals looking to advocate for and enhance learning cultures within their organizations.

Course Structure:

The course comprises five sections with 17 lectures, totaling 56 minutes. Topics covered range from the importance of workplace learning, change agility, core learning integration, to building a business case for learning. Practical activities, exercises, and resources are provided to help leaders apply these concepts within their teams.


Creating a culture of learning is imperative in the 21st century. This course equips leaders with the knowledge and tools to foster a continuous learning environment, ensuring their teams are prepared to adapt and thrive amidst ongoing changes.

What You’ll Learn

  • Describe the ways in which learning at work has changed and why a strong learning culture is more valuable than ever
  • Recognize how a culture of learning requires change agility and prepares you for change
  • Identify ways to make learning core to the way your organization works
  • Evaluate your organization’s learning culture and identify steps you can take to strengthen it
  • Leverage your culture of learning to manage through change and uncertainty
  • Create a business case for learning in your organization and an action plan for strengthening your learning culture



  • There are no prerequisites for this course, though the content is best suited for team and organizational leaders


Up until a few years ago, there was a simple pathway from school to work. You graduated, found a job, and never really needed to look back. For better or worse, life is no longer that simple. The “future of work” is already here, and front-loading your education is not enough to launch a career, let alone sustain it over decades. Leaders must foster a culture of learning in their organizations and teams to support their employees to upskill and stay agile in the face of change.

This course is based on my book, The Upskilling Imperative, in which I talk about how L&D leaders can create a culture of learning in their organizations. In this course, I focus specifically on what managers can do to create a culture of learning on their teams, even in a virtual work environment. We’ll discuss:

  • How a culture of learning requires change agility and prepares you for change
  • How you can leverage your culture of learning to manage through change and uncertainty
  • 5 ways to make learning core to the way you work
  • How to make a business case for learning
  • How you can grow your learning culture

Throughout the course I’ve included lots of exercises, tip sheets, and job aids you can use to foster a culture of learning on your team. The ability to learn and develop new skills over time is the essential skill of the 21st century, and our organizations’ cultures play a huge role in teaching that skill to employees and enabling and empowering them to learn. The need for agility and upskilling has never been more imperative than it is today, so I hope you will join me in this course.


Who this course is for

  • Leaders who want to develop and grow a learning culture in their organization
  • HR and L&D leaders tasked with supporting their organizations through change
  • Learning professionals who want to build a business case for learning

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