Learn how to manage and lead a team through first knowing and understanding yourself as a manager.


The course “Be a Better Manager: Better Management through Understanding Yourself” is designed to equip managers, both new and experienced, with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead teams effectively by first understanding themselves. The course emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and assertiveness in managing a diverse workforce in a dynamic workplace. It aims to develop managers who can create high-performing, satisfied, and productive teams through exceptional leadership.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Self-Awareness Development: The course teaches managers to utilize tools such as reflection, journaling, and feedback from peers to gain a deeper understanding of their personal and professional traits. By analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes, managers can identify areas for improvement and leverage their strengths more effectively.
  2. Clarifying Values: Managers are guided to clarify both personal and professional values. Understanding these values is crucial for setting and achieving goals, managing oneself, and leading others. The course also addresses the challenges of dealing with conflicts arising from differences in values within an organization.
  3. Personal Mission Statement: Participants learn to articulate their personal mission statement, which encapsulates their purpose and goals as managers. This statement helps direct their thoughts and energy towards achieving their aspirations and aligning their actions with their values.
  4. Assertiveness and Effective Communication: The course highlights the necessity of assertiveness in management. Managers are taught how to develop and apply assertiveness to communicate effectively, ensuring they can express their feelings and needs clearly while respecting others.
  5. Challenging Assumptions: An essential part of becoming a better manager involves examining and adjusting limiting assumptions about employees. This exercise helps managers adopt a more flexible and open-minded approach to leadership.
  6. Emotional Intelligence (EI): The course delves into the components of emotional intelligence, emphasizing its significance in understanding and interacting with others. Managers learn to improve their EI to enhance their ability to manage and lead teams effectively.

Course Structure:

The course comprises 28 lectures across 8 sections, totaling approximately 41 minutes of content. It begins with an introduction from the instructor, Christa van Greuning, followed by a series of lectures that cover the various tools and techniques for developing self-awareness, clarifying values, creating a personal mission statement, developing assertiveness, challenging assumptions, and enhancing emotional intelligence.

Target Audience:

The course is intended for anyone aspiring to improve their management and leadership skills, including experienced and new managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. There are no prerequisites, other than an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Course Conclusion:

At the end of the course, participants are encouraged to implement the techniques and skills learned to enhance their management abilities. The instructor also announces an upcoming course focused on managing and leading teams through effective communication, teaching, and appraising.


What You’ll Learn

  • Better manage and lead your team of employees by developing an understanding of yourself as a manager and leader.
  • Develop self-awareness by utilizing the tools taught in this course.
  • Clarify your personal as well as professional values.
  • Develop you personal mission statement and professional goals.
  • Examine and adjust limiting assumptions that you might currently have about your employees.
  • Learn to develop and apply assertiveness to your benefit.
  • Use and develop your emotional intelligence.



  • There are no requirements for this course.
  • I only ask that you come open minded and ready to learn.


One of the most complicated and challenging tasks facing any manager, new or experienced, is managing people.   Getting a team of distinctly diverse employees to come together and deliver superior work is hard.  The workplace is complex and diverse.  It is always changing and being able to adapt to these changes is crucial to being a successful manager. Be a better manager: Better management through understanding yourself provides the skills and understanding that will enable you to develop high-performing and effective teams of satisfied and productive people by first getting to know yourself, your beliefs and your values.

An organization cannot reach its goals and objectives without effective, efficient and productive people.  Building strong successful teams is therefore of great importance.  Great teams of employees are created through exceptional leadership and management.  Being an exceptional manager and leader starts with understanding and managing yourself.

During this course you will learn:

  • How to develop self-awareness
  • How to develop and use emotional intelligence
  • How to develop and apply assertiveness
  • How to examine and adjust your limiting assumptions
  • How to develop you personal and professional values
  • How to develop your professional mission statement and managerial goals


Who this course is for

  • This course is meant for anyone who wishes to manage and lead their team to greater efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Experienced and new managers in charge of leading and managing a team.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs that have to lead and manage employees in order to grow their businesses.

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