Part of WSQ – Advanced certificate in Workplace Safety in Health


The WSQ – Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) is a comprehensive course aimed at equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage safety and health within a workplace environment. This certification is particularly beneficial for individuals in supervisory roles who are tasked with WSH responsibilities, as well as for small business operators and self-employed individuals seeking to enhance their WSH competencies.

Course Objectives and Structure

The course is designed to fulfill the requirements of a WSH coordinator and supervisor according to the WSH Level B Competency-based training program. Participants will learn to coordinate and monitor the implementation of WSH management systems and programs, focusing on the recognition, assessment, control, and management of WSH risks.

Learning Approach

The course employs a blended learning approach, combining online learning modules with classroom training. This dual approach ensures that learners can benefit from both flexible, self-paced online learning and interactive, instructor-led classroom sessions. Completion of both components is necessary to fully gain the intended knowledge and skills.


Participants should meet one of the following criteria:

  • Educational Requirements: Possess ES WSQ WPLN Level 5 or GCE “N” Levels in English and Mathematics.
  • Experience: Have relevant skills and knowledge equivalent to the Certificate in WSH or preferably one year of working experience in WSH.
  • Alternative Courses: Have passed courses such as BCSS, SSSC, OPISC, BISH, or BCSS (Tunneling) with preferably one year of WSH experience.

Target Audience

The course is intended for:

  • Supervisors with assigned WSH coordination roles.
  • Individuals with some prior WSH knowledge and skills.
  • Small business operators and self-employed individuals.
  • Those aspiring to attain the Advanced Certificate in WSH.

Course Content

The course content is segmented into 12 sections, comprising 15 lectures with a total duration of approximately 1 hour and 29 minutes. The sections cover various aspects of effective communication, which is crucial in the implementation and management of WSH practices. Key topics include:

  1. Introduction (2:56 minutes): An overview of the course objectives and structure.
  2. Communicate WSH Policy Effectively (4:00 minutes): Techniques for effectively conveying WSH policies.
  3. Appropriate Channels of Communication (9:41 minutes): Identifying and utilizing suitable communication channels.
  4. Mechanism of a Communication Channel (4:50 minutes): Understanding how communication channels function.
  5. Plan Response (7:30 minutes): Developing response plans for various WSH scenarios.
  6. Effective Communication Among Staff (6:57 minutes): Strategies for fostering effective communication within teams.
  7. Barriers to Effective Communication (6:43 minutes): Identifying and addressing common barriers to communication.
  8. Overcoming Personal Barriers to Communication (3:43 minutes): Techniques to overcome individual communication obstacles.
  9. Cultural Differences & Diversity (6:27 minutes): Managing communication across diverse cultural backgrounds.
  10. Communication Tools & Techniques (8:11 minutes): Tools and techniques to enhance communication.
  11. Application of Good Communication Techniques (6:24 minutes): Practical application of effective communication methods.
  12. Coaching Effective Communication Tools & Techniques (6:17 minutes): Training others in effective communication practices.
  13. Recall Learning (9:23 minutes): Techniques to reinforce and recall learned communication skills.

Course Fee

It is important to note that the course fee mentioned applies solely to the online segment of the training. Additional costs may be associated with the classroom training component.


The WSQ – Advanced Certificate in Workplace Safety and Health is an essential program for those looking to advance their careers in WSH management. Through a combination of online and classroom learning, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and skills required to effectively manage workplace safety and health, ensuring a safer working environment for all.


What You’ll Learn

  • Learn and Apply Workplace Safety and Health


  • ES WSQ WPLN Level 5 or GCE “N” Levels in English (Level -5 ) & Mathematics (Level – 5)
  • Relevant skills and knowledge equivalent to the Certificate in WSH or preferably 1 years of working experience in WSH
  • OR Passed (BCSS/ SSSC/OPISC/BISH/BCSS(Tunneling) courses with preferably 1 years of working experience in WSH


This is a blended course. There are 2 parts to this course- an online portion and classroom training. On completion of both components, the participants of this course will gain the knowledge and skills for fulfilling the role of a coordinator and supervisor in accordance with WSH level B Competency- based training programme.

This course provides learners with the skills and knowledge Coordinate and monitor the implementation of WSH management systems and programs for recognition, assessment, control and management of WSH risks.

The course fee reflected is only for the online segment.


Who this course is for:

  • This Course is designed for persons typically at supervisory level with assigned coordination role in WSH responsibilities. It would be suitable for person with some WSH knowledge and skills. The course is also relevant for small businesses operations and self-employed people. For those who intent to attain the Advanced Certificate in WSH