Master your negotiation skills using several sales hacks. Taught by Silicon Valley’s most prominent Sales Hustler.


The course on mastering negotiation skills offered by Silicon Valley’s renowned Sales Hustler aims to equip participants with crucial sales hacks essential for closing deals and fostering strong client relationships. Led by Steli, known for his direct teaching style devoid of fluff, the course promises to reveal insider tactics employed by industry leaders.

With a runtime of just over an hour, the course emphasizes practicality over redundancy, ensuring an engaging learning experience. Steli’s passion for the subject shines through the concise lectures, making the journey both informative and enjoyable.

The curriculum covers various aspects of negotiation, including the importance of knowing when to walk away and the art of strategic silence. Participants learn to navigate discount inquiries effectively and handle objections without getting bogged down in endless debates. The course also delves into flipping prospects’ questions to drive deals forward and leveraging postponement as a negotiation tactic.

Moreover, participants gain insights into closing deals efficiently, with tips on obtaining signed agreements swiftly and navigating renegotiations with clients. The final segment offers guidance on saying no gracefully, an essential skill in maintaining professional boundaries.

The target audience for this course spans individuals eager to enhance their sales prowess and close more deals. However, it’s explicitly stated that the content is not suitable for those averse to occasional strong language. Participants are encouraged to approach the material with a readiness for growth and a willingness to embrace Steli’s straightforward approach.

By the end of the course, learners are equipped with a toolkit of negotiation hacks tailored for success in the competitive sales landscape. Whether dealing with discount requests or renegotiating terms with clients, participants gain actionable strategies to navigate various scenarios with confidence.

In summary, this course offers a pragmatic approach to mastering negotiation skills, backed by real-world insights from a seasoned sales expert. With a focus on practical application and efficiency, participants are empowered to elevate their sales game and forge lasting business relationships.

What You’ll Learn

  • Implement many important negotiating hacks
  • Close more deals with their customers
  • Build a strong business relationship with their clients



  • Basic English comprehension skills required
  • Expect occasional F-bombs


Negotiation is the backbone of any sales presentation. You cannot expect growth and exponential sales if you do not know how to negotiate. There are several resources out there that can help you sharpen your negotiation skills. Many of these negotiation guides can help you with all the basics but if you truly want to know the hacks that are being used by the big dogs of the game, then this course is right for you.

Steli’s to the point, no-fluff teaching technique has been admired by many. See for yourself by looking him up online. He has led several international level sales workshops and now he will be offering you the same from the comfort of your home!

This course will take you a little over an hour to complete so don’t expect any repetitive boring stuff. You will be able to sense Steli’s passion when you will over these videos. So sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy the ride!


Who this course is for

  • This course is meant for everyone who is interested in closing more sales. This course will help you if you are willing to role up your sleeves and be on top of your sales game. Steli will teach you all these hacks without any fluff. He is a blunt guy and he calls it like he sees it. Do not take this course if you are not yet ready for true growth. This course is not for the faint-hearted ones who have issues with occasional F-bombs.

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