Metrics to close the gap between marketing and sales.



Summary: Metrics to Close the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

Course Overview

The course offered by Three Sixty Academy is designed to bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams by advancing participants’ understanding of the metrics that influence their collaborative success. Through five comprehensive sections, the course aims to enhance knowledge about the contributions of marketing and sales within an organization and provide practical insights into how these two critical departments can work synergistically.

Learning Objectives

Participants in this course will gain:

  • An advanced understanding of how marketing and sales teams can successfully collaborate.
  • In-depth knowledge of the specific metrics that drive the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing and sales efforts.
  • Practical skills to measure and improve the relationship between marketing and sales within a business context.

Course Requirements

The primary requirement for this course is a willingness to engage deeply with the concepts of marketing and sales metrics. No prior extensive experience in these fields is necessary, making it accessible to anyone interested in understanding the dynamics between these two functions.

Course Structure and Content

The course is segmented into five main sections, each designed to build upon the previous one:

  1. Introduction
    • A brief overview of what the course will cover, including the main topics of sales and marketing and the significance of metrics in bridging the gap between these departments.
  2. Sales and Marketing
    • Detailed exploration of the fundamental concepts of sales and marketing.
    • Insights into how these functions traditionally operate and the common barriers to effective collaboration.
    • Strategies to improve the relationship between sales and marketing teams, fostering a more cohesive approach to achieving business goals.
  3. Metrics
    • This section delves into the core metrics that are essential for evaluating and enhancing the performance of marketing and sales teams.
    • Each metric is explained in detail, providing participants with a thorough understanding of its importance and application:
      • Lead to Opportunity %: Measures the effectiveness of converting leads into sales opportunities.
      • Lead to Customer %: Tracks the conversion rate from initial lead to actual customer.
      • Cost Per Lead: Calculates the expense incurred to generate a lead.
      • Cost Per Acquisition: Determines the cost associated with acquiring a new customer.
      • Average Sales Cycle: Assesses the average time taken to close a sale.
      • Average Time to Close: Measures the efficiency of the sales process.
      • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU): Analyzes the revenue generated per customer.
      • Average Deal Size: Evaluates the average value of sales deals.
      • Customer Retention Rate: Indicates the percentage of customers retained over a period.
      • Sales and Marketing Cost as a % of Total Revenue: Provides insight into the expenditure on sales and marketing relative to total revenue.
  4. Conclusion
    • A recap of the key points covered in the course, emphasizing the critical role of metrics in aligning marketing and sales efforts.
    • Encouragement for participants to apply the knowledge gained to improve the synergy between their marketing and sales teams.
  5. Coupons
    • Information on how to access additional resources or discounts for further learning opportunities provided by Three Sixty Academy.

Target Audience

This course is ideal for:

  • Individuals seeking to understand the metrics behind successful marketing and sales collaboration.
  • Professionals interested in learning how marketing and sales contribute to the overall success of a business.
  • Anyone keen to enhance their skills in measuring and improving the performance of marketing and sales teams.


By the end of the course, participants will have acquired a solid foundation in the essential metrics that drive marketing and sales success. This knowledge will empower them to foster better collaboration between these two crucial business functions, ultimately contributing to the overall success of their organizations.

What You’ll Learn

  • Advance your knowledge of how to make marketing and sales work together successfully.
  • Further understand the contribution marketing and sales make within an organization.



  • A willingness to dive into the world of marketing and sales metrics.


Welcome to this Three Sixty Academy course.

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Our course is comprised of 5 sections all focused on helping you advance your understanding in regards to marketing and sales.

  • Introduction
  • Sales And Marketing
  • Metrics
  • Conclusion
  • Coupons

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Who this course is for

  • Anyone who wants to learn the metrics, behind making marketing and sales team work together successfully.
  • People who are interested in learning how marketing and sales contribute to the overall success of a business.

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