Python Complete Course With Python Framework Django And Python Framework Flask Framework Learn Beginner To Advance


The “Python Complete Course With Python Framework Django And Python Framework Flask Framework” is a comprehensive program designed to guide students from beginner to advanced levels in Python programming, including its popular frameworks Django and Flask. The course begins with Python basics, teaching fundamentals and programming concepts, and progresses to advanced topics to prepare students for real-world applications. Students will learn to write Python scripts for general productivity tasks, comprehend Python code, and understand core programming tools such as variables, functions, and loops. The course covers a wide range of Python topics, including array implementation, file methods, keywords and identifiers, tuples, data structures, object-oriented and functional programming, lambdas, decorators, generators, testing, debugging, error handling, regular expressions, and modules.

In addition to Python programming, the course introduces the Flask framework, focusing on building web applications and APIs. Students will learn to create Python web apps with Flask, use the Jinja template language, manage databases with SQLite and Flask-SQLAlchemy, and process incoming request data. The course also covers the Django framework, teaching students how to develop web applications from the ground up. This includes front-end development with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap for responsive design, as well as creating robust websites and web apps with Django.

Throughout the course, students will engage in hands-on projects, including building a complete web application using the Django framework, which reinforces their learning through practical application. The course is designed for complete programming beginners, individuals new to Python, Django, and Flask, and those who aim to learn Python fundamentals and transition into data science or web development. Basic computer skills, a computer with internet access, and an interest in learning Python are the only requirements. The curriculum is structured to provide a thorough and practical understanding of Python and its frameworks, equipping students with the skills needed for a career in programming.


What you’ll learn

  • Python Programming Beginner To Advanced, Flask Framework And Django Framework With Building Project.
  • Write scripts for general productivity tasks Read and comprehend Python code Gain knowledge in regard to general programming concepts.
  • Use variables to store, retrieve and calculate information.
  • Utilize core programming tools such as functions and loops.
  • Use of Django and Flask Frameworks with Projects.


  • Only the very basic computer skills are needed.
  • A computer, Access to the internet, An interest in learning Python.


Learn Python From Beginner To Advanced Level, Flask Framework From Beginning, Django Framework From Beginning, And Build A Project Using Django.


The course starts with the basics, including Python fundamentals, programming, and user interaction.

The curriculum is going to be very hands-on as we walk you from start to finish becoming a professional Python developer. We will start from the very beginning by teaching you Python basics and programming fundamentals, and then going into advanced topics and different career fields in Python so you can get real-life practice and be ready for the real world.

The topics covered in this course are:

* Beginner to Expert Python contents:

Array implementation

File methods

Keywords and Identifiers

Python Tuples

Python Basics

Python Fundamentals

Data Structures

Object-Oriented Programming with Python

Functional Programming with Python




Testing in Python


Error Handling

Regular Expressions



*Flask Framework:

Flask Web Framework, In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of web applications .so that you can start building API and develop web applications using Python Flask Web Framework.

  • How to build Python web apps with Flask
  • How to use the Jinja template language to create the look of your apps
  • How to use the SQLite database to start development
  • How to use other databases with Flask by using Flask-SQLAlchemy
  • Using Flask to process incoming request data.

*Django Framework With Building Projects:

Django Web Framework, you will learn the fundamentals of web applications. web applications using Python Django Web Framework.

  • Build website and web applications
  • HTML and CSS for front end web development
  • Bootstrap for responsive web design
  • Python
  • Django for creating robust websites and web apps

See you inside the course!

Who this course is for:

  • For Complete Programming Beginners
  • For People New to Python,Django And Flask
  • For People Who want to learn Python Fundamentals and later transition into Data Science or Web Development


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